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                                  PROJECT K 2020 is KREOSOTE

                                     "American Built Folklore Boots"


After 5 years of MYG HANDMADE, Gabbard makes a shift in Branding that welcomes the new name and direction of “KREOSOTE”.


It’s a Knuckle Drag when you start thinking about rebranding your business direction but after careful thought and consideration the move away from MYG HANDMADE and into KREOSOTE offered more creative possibilities for future development.


KREOSOTE represents a brand of designs recognized not crossed referenced,

while embracing the changing emphasis of the American Built Folklore Boot.


Inspired by The Missouri Kinfolk Storyteller, from the forgotten smell of the Blackened Oil-tar Train Yards, to the dusty open plans of Vacant Abundance, it relates to a message like those etched onto the Headstones of American Ritual Heritage and bares witness as it passes its message onto the silent Drifter.


MYG HANDMADE was always kind of a pilot program, design a few boots present them and see what come.

Well 2015-2020 was a hell of a great run and my boots were received very well the Nail Shank killed it…the Black Maria the Revolver the RS MCB series were very popular but as I developed my skills technically over the last 5 years so too did the direction of my creativity and with that I began to recognize the influences of a different type of Missouri-Kentucky Folklore Heritage style to making boots.


Unfortunately in 2019 a Manufacturing and Marketing startup found a

means to use my actual identity (Face and Work) to profit from and 

I became the (Unsolicited) Poster Boy to sell boots for some Lame ass 

Production company overseas, although MYG HANDMADE was not compromised those issues did provide the motivation that I needed to separate my designs and direction from other copy Boot maker styles and create the more graphic branding of KREOSOTE.

I took a closer look at the table I was sitting at, adjusted my perspective to the game tightened up my laces made a few phone calls with my elbows extended outward to my Attorney and found a dusty road to redline the Tank I was driving...


Reinventing my Business direction to create an even stronger visual boot design image base and utilize the darker side of my Folklore influences was the catalyst I needed to release the perfect flight of Crows revenge... 

I grew up surrounded by unique lifestyle choices and situations so gathering them up and throwing them into the mix was exactly what was needed to close the direction and the making of MYG HANDMADE boots, which are now a collector’s item that are defining the KREOSOTE waiting list to (by appointment only) a select few builds each year.



JD Gabbard

...Is still a "One man operation that single handedly bench-builds Originally designed Kustom boots using Traditional European Shoemaking methods that require 50 + hours of work, and reference American Folklore styles with a Modern Heritage Design element to Fit”.