Inspired by my Kinfolk's Era of American Heritage                                                                                    Storytelling. 


   JD Gabbard is a One man operation that single handedly bench-builds a Limited number of originally designed Kustom boots each year, using Traditional (Cordwainer) European /American Shoemaking methods that require 50 + hours to complete.


   Their isn't an Apprenticeship program set up or work-shop Assistants here at KREOSOTE Boots, so when you order a Heirloom Boot from me your getting my absolute attention to detail.


       You are receiving a uniquely built functioning work of American Labor. 



                                           * BOOT ORDERS 2021*

                The Boot Order Wait List has now reached 26 months out.


 KREOSOTE will only schedule and complete the building of 35 pairs of Kustom Built Boots for 2021. 


             If your interested in my craftsmanship, patience is a virtue I admire.


   I value my clients commitment and honor their support of the type of hand built boots I make, and the time in which it takes to build them.

   With great admiration, I will continue to support American Tanneries and the American made supply materials that are used to build KREOSOTE boots. 

 It is the tenacity of these Companies and workers that continue to help and define the foundation of my work through these challenging times. 


  KREOSOTE 2021.



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