1936 KR-15: SOLD OUT


The 1936 KR-15 (Kinfolk River) women's 15 inch Knee-high Rough-out is a Custom measured custom made to order Workwear Cap Toe boot with a historic 30's inspired Vamp and Facing design.

 This beautifully aged American Horween Rough-out leather is soft and smooth with a mild temper to touch. It's a perfect walk around town boot, and has the same dependable constructed materials  that all of my boots are based on with long lifetime lasting wear and comfortable break in periods. 

Kustom bench-built on the rare 36-KW wooden Last and modified with leather buildup techniques to fit the clients custom measured foot exactly. 

LEATHER UPPERS: Horween American 4.5 oz Oil Tanned Chrome Full-grain Rough-out Boar or Calf Hide.

CAP TOE: Structured (4oz Leather Toe Puff)

HEEL COUNTER: MYG signature XXX Back-curve Heel Counters featuring  9 separate pieces of Leather mapping the heel to support the Achilles tendon and allow the foot to be locked into place as the rider shifts and walks. 
LEATHER COLOR: Tan Rough-out

WIDTH: B,C,D (Kustom)
THREAD: A&E #277 weight Gold, Double stitched, Double row. 
TOP HEIGHT: 15 inches with (16) Antique Brass Eyelets and (14) Speed Hooks.
IN-SOLE: 10mm Leather, Hand-cut Channel and Holdfast, 360 degree German Welted and 270 degrees Hand in-seam stitched with Waxed poly-cotton Thread, 1/8 inch blue-cloud padded insole

OUT-SOLE: 10mm Veg-Tanned Leather

SHANK: Metal 4 inch