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By Appointment Only.



Made to Measure (MTM) Boot  

(44 month waiting list)

Full Payment at time of Ordering.


This boot design is apart of the Project K 2020 FOLKLORE series.

Inspired by a story from my families American Heritage Kinfolk Tales about one of my great Uncles that made a living traveling throughout the 1940s from town to town collecting souls as a card shark, unfortunately all roads come to an end and the local Undertaker found him in a ditch just outside town with the Nine of Spades in his front pocket.


The NINE dITCHES Kustom built Boot features the American based "Wickett and Craig Tannery" of Pennsylvania established in 1867.


I chose the uncommonly used Harness Drum-dyed, Full grain veg tanned hide for this boot because of its ability to resemble a type of leather that was used locally by German-American shoemakers throughout the Kentucky hill country back in the 1930s.  
It takes a twice Dyed Oil Ink Treatment beautifully and the properties in the grain on this hide are exceptional to work with, achieving a shorter overall break in time in as the Black Walnut patina ages revealing the Red grain underneath.


The 12 Iron Half-Soles are cut deeply into the feather line edge at the Waist to the Breast of the Heel.  A uniquely Straight Cut and "Beveled Spoon Edge" Heel are stacked to create a Traditional Profile with Jet Black oiled dyed edges that are treated and re-dyed reveling each layer of Leather with a different aging Grey-Ash effect. 


Every aspect of this boot build is uniquely technical and follows traditional European shoemakers methods, the clients personal outlined foot tracing and width measurements are required for boot.



LEATHER UPPERS: Wickett & Craig Harness \ Russet Natural veg tanned 5 oz (Grain Side)

COLOR: Natural / Russet HAND DYED Treatment: Red Exterior+Red Interior+Jet Black Walnut Dye Exterior Finish.


LENGTH: Kustom

THREAD: Bonded 138 BLACK

EDGE COLOR TREATMENT: Ash Black-Grey or Natural (Hand Dyed)

TOP HEIGHT: 5 inch with 8 Jet Black Brass Eyelets.

HEEL COUNTER: KREOSOTE signature XXX Back-curve Heel Counters.

LACE: Full-grain Flat cut 7 oz leather.

TOE PUFF: Structured (3oz Leather) 

IN-SOLE: Leather 10-11 Iron, Hand-cut Channel / Holdfast, Hand in-seam stitched 3/4 inch 360 degree Welt, with Full-grain Leather covered removable 1/8 inch Blue-cloud padded Insert.

SHANK: Metal

LEATHER FULL MID-SOLE: Veg Tanned 10 mm (1/4 inch) 

HALF SOLE: Rubber HALF SOLE (1/4 inch) 

OUT SOLE STITCHED: One Row-Gritzner Hand-crank.

HEEL: BEVELED  Leather stacked 1 inch.


All of KREOSOTE Boots are Kustom Built (MTM) Made to Measure from the Clients personal foot calculations.  


New Clients will need to  schedule a phone appointment to discuss  all the Kustom (MTM) Made to Measure details at that time the website will be opened for the Client to place the purchase order.

For complete details  go to the Customer page on this site and view the Measurement guide Tech Info and then Direct Message,  Gabbard ( to chat via email  further about the measurement process procedures and Ordering process.


Thank you.





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