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The BEATNiK monk-boot was inspired by a group of writers, poets and artist who walked the streets of every city across America guided by an influential Era of cultural expression and discovery. 


The Last:

Using one of my favorite 1944 round toe wooden LAST, I  modified and re-shaped with leather and wood filler to create this one of a kind Squared Toe Monk-Boot shape. 


XXX Back-Curve:

Constructing the Heel Counter with a hand stitch open Saddle-seam exposing the  6 ply natural Bees waxed thread to create a most unique profile shape and lining the interior boot with a Sky Blue 2 oz calf skin leather liner that shows through the saddle seams.

Two color options are offered in this Wickett & Craig 5 oz Leather uppers that patina over time and become a reminder of your experiences explored.

 The 12 Iron outsoles are stacked to create a 1940s Half-sole cutting and are lightly stained using a hand rubbed vitamin E oil to the edges.


Every aspect of this boot build is uniquely technical and follows Traditional European shoemakers methods.



LEATHER UPPERS: Wickett & Craig 5 oz Smooth (Grain Side)

*COLOR: Two options (Rusty Brown) or Jet Black)

LINER: Cobalt-Blue 2 oz Calfskin.

WIDTH: C,D,E (Kustom)

THREAD: Bonded 207 Gold

TOP HEIGHT: 4.5 inch with the MYG signature XXX Back-curve Heel Counters and solid brass Gold colored Buckle with Strap.

SQUARE TOE: Structured (4oz Leather Toe Puff)

IN-SOLE: Leather 10-11 Iron Veg-Tanned, Hand-cut Channel / Holdfast, Hand in-seam stitched 3/4 inch 360 degree Welt, with Full-grain Leather covered removable 1/8 inch blue-cloud padded insole.

SHANK:  Steel with Leather shank and Arch supports.

MID-SOLE: FULL SOLE / Veg Tanned 11-12 Iron (1/4 inch) 

OUT-SOLE Options: 

HALF SOLE / Veg Tanned 11-12 Iron (1/4 inch)


HALF SOLE / Rubber 

OUTSOLE STITCHED: Gritzner Handcranked.

HEEL:  Leather stacked 1 inch.


Please provide your most recent Brannock Device Foot measurement as a  secondary reference guide at Check out.


The BEATNiK Boot has a 42 month waiting list.


After placing your purchase order, go to the Customer page on this site and view the Measurement guide Tech Info and then Direct Message Gabbard ( To communicate further about the measurement process procedures.



BEATNiK monk-boot

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