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Hand Knit Sweater



Artist / Collaborations


Release Date:

February 24th 2024



Made to Measure (MTM) Hand Knit Sweater 

(One Month Waitlist)




Inspired by the 1940s rugged casual wear "BurntCoAL" Sweater is Handmade / Hand Knit by KREOSOTE / (In-House) using 100% Bulky Peruvian Highland Wool with a strong fiber yarn that has an excellent drape and balances well with a rugged style of selvedge denim and semi-dress boots.

The wool is soft and its weight is mild and easiely accommodates a lighter t-shit undergarment  for cooler seasonal afternoons or evening.



Fabric: 100% Bulky Peruvian Highland Wool.

Color: Burnt Coal Hand Knit Wool Yarn.

Ribbing: Collar, Cuffs and Waist.

Leather Buttons: (4) Black & Dark Brown Handmade and Dyed (In-House) Sole Bend Leather Buttons

Care: Hand wash lay flat to dry.

Fit: Size (Medium) Subject pictured 6'0 at 185 lbs.



MEASUREMENTS: Size Medium (pictured)

Body Length: 24"

Chest Width: 20"

Sleve Length: 24"

Waist Width: 18"

Collar Width: 3"

Bottom Button to Waist: 8"


When ordering this Sweater, use the sample measurements pictured as a guide and include your persoanl measurements in the Notes Section at check out.

BurntCoAL 2024

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