This 1936 Farm style work Boot was inspired by the year my Granddad and Grandmother left there Kentucky Farm after struggling though the Dust Bowl era to relocate to the big city (rural Ohio) and begin a new way of life working on the line at the Champion Paper Mill, in Hamilton Ohio.

My Granddad earned quite the reputation at the Plant back then for carrying over 200 pounds of spool Paper on his back to the second run cutters 10 hours a day. He was known in the Plant as the "Little Big Man" at 5'5 weighing in at 180 solid.


"Life is full of circles, when one ends another begins, Standing at the edge of light but still within the reaches of darkness."

Minnie Wyatt-Gabbard


The NINETEEN36 Boot Features the Horween Tannery from Chicago's  select  5oz Chromexcle Cow Hide in a Natural Flesh side out Kustom build.

The tight grain on this hide makes it perfect to be Hand-dyed and Waxed bringing out a smooth patina.

 This boot has a very comfortable cut to its design and Kustom built up on a rare modified 1930s Wooden Farm style Work Last, that replicates a laid back lace-up throat angle of a Farm boot from this era.


LAST: 36K-84

LEATHER UPPERS: 5 oz Horween Chromexcel COW





THREAD: Bonded #207 Gold or Black.

HEEL COUNTER: KREOSOTE signature XXX Back-Curve Heel Counters.

TOP HEIGHT:  6 INCH with 9 Antique Solid Brass Eyelets.

LACE: Full-grain Flat cut 7 oz leather.

CAP TOE : Structured (3oz Leather Toe Puff)

IN-SOLE: Veg Tanned Leather 10 mm  Hand-cut Channel/Holdfast, Hand In-seam stitched 360 degree German Welt, with 1/8 inch Veg Tanned covered Blue-cloud padded insole.

MID-SOLE: Veg Tanned Leather 15 mm.


LEATHER / HALF SOLE Veg Tanned Leather 15 mm.

RUBBER / HALF-SOLE 15 mm. (DR.SOLE) #1090

SHANK: Steel Flat Ladies Shank.

OUT SOLE STITCHED: Gritzner Hand crank.

HEEL: Leather stacked 1.5 inch with Rubber Heel Cap.6


The NINETEEN36 Boot has a 30 month waiting list.


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