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1940 RS-1 dIRT




Made to Measure (MTM)

(42 month waiting list)

Full Payment at time of Ordering.


This Boot offering is a variation of the 2016-Original Design and Build from Gabbard, "1940 RS-1 MCB" series "Ribbed Shifter" (On and Off the road less Traveled / Motorcycle Boot) is the most uniquely aggressive and hand-crafted Kustom (made to measure) Workwear Cap Toe boot of its kind, so what could I possibly do to improve upon its total Badass-ness?



With a paint job to match  the "NAIL SHANK-2" Oil Ink Dye Treatment.


Designed with strips of Harness Leather the HALF-Shifter placement over the Cap Toe  RS "Ribbed Shifter" was built to protect from foot fatigue and guide the rider when shifting through the gears, the "Ribbed Shifter" is a one of a kind design concept from Gabbard of MYG / KREOSOTE . 

Built on the RS/NS-MCB wooden Last and modified with leather buildup techniques to fit the clients custom measured foot exactly. 
Engineering a fit for the future, this boots design offers a true level of comfort and style that will last you a lifetime on and off the road less traveled.

LEATHER UPPERS: Wickett and Craig Harness 5.5 oz Full-grain. (Flesh Side)

R.S.RIBBED SHIFTER: 4 rows of 1.5 mm x 2.0 mm Harness Leather.

HEEL COUNTER: KREOSOTE signature XXX Back-Curve Heel Counters. 9 separate pieces of Leather mapping the heel to support the Achilles tendon and allow the foot to be locked into place as the rider shifts and walks. 
LEATHER COLOR: NAIL SHANK-2 Hand Dyed Brown/Black Oil Ink Dyed and Waxed treatment.


LENGHT: Kustom 
THREAD: A&E #138 weight  Black, Double stitched, Double row. 
TOP HEIGHT: 8 inches with (14) Antique Brass Eyelets or (12) with (2) Speed Hooks.

CAP TOE: Structured with 3oz Veg Tanned Leather. 
IN-SOLE: Leather 11 Iron 1/4" Hand-cut Channel and Holdfast, 360 degree German Hand-Welted and Hand in-seam stitched with Waxed cotton-poly Thread, 6 inch Steel Shank, 1/8 inch blue-cloud padded Insert.
MID-SOLE: 10 mm Leather Veg-Tanned

OUT-SOLE: Rubber Half Sole.  

HEEL: Rubber Heel cap.

OUTSOLE STITCHED: Gritzner Hand-cranked.


The RS-1 dIRT Boot has a 42 month waiting list.


After placing your purchase order, go to the Customer page on this site and view the Measurement guide Tech Info and then Direct Message Gabbard ( To communicate further about the measurement process procedures.


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